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a portal to experiencing the world through immersive, puzzling adventures

customized for any time, space, and theme.

Experiences are designed just for you

Treasures are yours to discover

The story is yours to decide

Just choose your adventure...


Customize Your Experience

STEP 1: length

1-2 hours

Like an escape room, where you have limited time t0 complete your challenge

(starting at $250)

Full Day

Challenges are situated around a particular space and you will have the whole day to complete them

(starting at $500)


Like a summer camp!

Each day participants meet at a location to build on a week-long challenge and role-playing adventure

(starting at $2000)

STEP 2: location

in-person experience

physically curated and guided event at a private or public space.

(Suggestions: Forest Trails, Local Parks, Zoos, Museums, At Home)

online experience

mailed components and live, interactive zoom interface.

(cost reduced by 10%)

customized experience

puzzles, riddles, and narrative are inspired by a guest of honor and the puzzles and quests are woven into your specific, special space.

*Special requests for purchased or mailed materials may be subject to additional costs.

pre-made experience

you request a theme and receive directions and materials to set up your own event

STEP 3: theme

STEP 4: party

Select your party size and age range*

*There is no specified upper or lower limit to either party size or age range, but these factors will impact experience design and may be subject to additional cost. 

Looking for 

Check out previous locations and themes

PDX Area Locations

Bonneville Dam

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Dabney State Park

Eagle Creek

Eagle Fern Park

Forest Park

Glenn Otto Community Park

Kelley Point Park

Latourell Falls

Marmot Recreation Site

Mary S Young Park

Milo McIver State Park

Mt Hood National Forest

Mt Tabor Park

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Sauvie Island

Sellwood Waterfront

3 Creeks Natural Area

Westmoreland Nature Park

Willamette Mission

Laurelhurst Park

Local Libraries, Museums, or Zoos

Ancient Archeologists

Botanical Garden Gnomes

Brain Maze


Deep Sea Discoveries

Dragon and Fey Lore

Elemental Magicks

Feats of Strength

​Haunted Spaces

Heists and Secret Agents

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Naturalist Explorers

Night at the Museum

Scavenger Hunt

Science Labs

Secret Societies

Shipwrecks and Pirates

Time and Space Travel

Treasure Hunters


Watershed Guardians 

Wild World of Animals


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